According to the Summer 2007 issue, three.

  1. Josh: “Raising the Stink,” p. 5
  2. Jessica, “Bottle vs. Tap,” p. 48
  3. and, inevitably, Christopher: “Water Affront,” p. 24 (“Why don’t we just wait for Christopher Hume to tell us what to think?”)

I see that Spacing is following the standard Toronto-upstart-media strategy of developing a reputation on the work of unknowns until it’s famous enough to hire writers who already have newspaper columns. Keep trying, kids! You’ll have your own column in the Star someday!

Additionally, if Matt Blackett is a publication-design instructor, why hasn’t he learned that the only paragraphs that get indents are those that follow other paragraphs, i.e., a graf after a hed is unindented (Cf. pp. 7, 27, 39, the unpaginated Reviews section)? Even my Web sites manage that one (CSS p+p {text-indent: 2em}). And of the large number or advertisements in the issue (there’s even an ad insert), I expect the ad for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche (yes) was meant to be full-bleed instead of having an irregular white border.

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