An actually-quite-good article in the Grauniad asked A-list graphic designers to nominate designers they liked.

Quentin Newark (whose name is not New York or Newyark) nominated John Sorrell (link added):

John Sorrell used to run a big design agency with his wife Frances Newell, and they always did very expressive, gleeful work that didn’t seem to be constrained by rules. They rebranded British Airways with different art for each tailfin – the model of which Margaret Thatcher famously covered with her handkerchief.

This seemed like an apocryphal tale. Too delicious to be true, really. So I double-checked.

An E-mail to Sorrell’s new foundation went unanswered, but the Margaret Thatcher Foundation almost instantly top-posted a reply stating that yes, it really happened and there’s actual TV footage.

So there you have it: A prime minister who understood the importance of design and actually expressed an opinion on what she didn’t like. That right there made Margaret Thatcher half again a better client than most actual clients.

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