Full marks to Corey Mintz for pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes that he is progressive downtown Toronto’s nouvelle formulation dinner host. He’s even trying to sell that reputation via the Times. (Let’s inspect the freelance contract he signed to publish that piece. How many rights did he give up? How many fewer than all? Then let’s compare that contract to the one he signed with Torstar.)

I recall meeting Mintz just the once. It was at some kind of Spacer function – perhaps an actual Spacing release party. Goldsbie introduced us, and before I knew it I had been insulted so smoothly that I barely knew it had happened. Mintz was gone in a flash. He’s that good at slipping in the shiv.

So I would take his complaints about dinner hosts who make it all about themselves with a large handful of vegan kosher salt, which he might rub in the wounds he causes were that not a dead giveaway of an unseasoned host.

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