(WITH ADDITIONS, FOLLOWUP) I unfucked various of Jordan Peterson’s terrible PDFs, and made audio files of YouTube interviews nobody in their right mind would sit fixedly at a computer watching.

(If you’re on a podcast or dictating over the phone, joeclark.org/jbp, /jordanbpeterson, or almost anything you could think of, including misspellings, will work.)


  • I managed to forget esteemed colleague Jeremy Keith’s Huffduffer service despite having stayed at Jeremy’s house twice. You can now subscribe via RSS at will and audio files will just show up in your podcast player (surely Overcast‽) as God intended.

  • Peterson has about $150,000 in annual pledges, but neither he nor his son has acknowledged my many offers to help publish technically correct and usable files. The next things Peterson will screw up are transcripts and captioning despite now positively having the money to do both perfectly. The mark of a great Ph.D. is never ever admitting you don’t know something. His son Julian and I have been E‑mailing. I am slowly teaching him not to top-post.

Also: “C‑16” is not written with a hyphen.

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