Citing only their usernames for a moment, here we have Mister James Is Alive as photographed by Myrkky.

Severely tattooed muscular baldie against bronze background

I defy you to find a better headshot.

Now we have this Welshman, whose best feature is his deep-set blue eyes, out of which he can barely see, effortlessly hoisting his bf unit. He ain’t heavy, he’s my lover, &c.

Tattooed shirtless male holds another shirtless male over his shoulders as if a sack of potatoes

Isn’t this a life-affirming demonstration of what men can do for, with, and to each other? It surely is.

I wrote on Mr. James’s Instagram that my first boyfriend, a beautiful hirsute dumb heedless ginger, could pick me up and walk around the room with me. Later my boyfriend had the bad taste to die, I added. Mister James Is Alive then did the obvious thing and blocked me everywhere he could – to little effect, as he will see here.

(Cf. His Name Is Alive.)

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