‘Carthage must be destroyed’

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Jason McBride does not quite recapitulate an old Spy article for Toronto Life


Trannies are not gay, not the opposite sex, and not who they say they are


Bobsledders: Also enjoyable in one-second increments


Best elucidation of the so-called “far right in Europe”


Baldur Bjarnasson: “Blog readers are the worst kind of reader in the world. They arrive eager to misunderstand and ready to be angry with you”


R.M. Vaughan: “The great thing I got out of Berlin was that in cultures that are a little less difficult than in Toronto, you are expected to be sexual up until you die”


Corey Mintz put the shiv in so smoothly I barely knew it had happened


U.S. bobsleigh: BMW designed our sled. Canadian bobsleigh: BMW has a logo on our helmets

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