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At the Olympic and Paralympic presser for London 2012, I was the only writer interested in the Paralympics. Spoiler alert: Brian and Robin McKeever are their secret weapon


Carl Burnett is a Paralympic alpine skiier and a lexicographer with a degree in linguistics. My kinda guy


When gays on TV act the way Artie on Glee does, we call the show homophobic


I’m the guy who really likes the new London 2010 mascots, Mandeville and Wenlock. Yes, I’m the one!


Steven Holcomb had no trouble driving a bobsleigh while half-blind. So what’s everybody else’s problem?


Three-quarters of deaf people don’t have caption decoders? What?


Three guys! With three guide dogs!


TIDFAF and Mayfest, both in one week. Why, it’s deaf-rific!

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