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That would be Mr. SCOTT BOMS, who left Toronto for Facebook. He got out just in time


The crunching you hear underfoot is of the shattered friendships of aging eldergays


Cf. “Welcome to the fold, brother…. Do you reject Satan and all his evils?” “Sure”


Jason Santa Maria re-redesigned his site with typography functionally identical to mine


Müllenweg is growing up terrifyingly before our very eyes, and has long since become a mogul


My friend’s eulogy for his departed mother, preserved here


‘I’m glad the friends I have now are involved enough in my life to try their damnedest, even risking what passed for “friendship” at that time, to try to prevent me from sliding into the decay I experienced in the ’90s as a result of “friends” who were so laissez-faire as to watch someone they claimed to care about slide into oblivion’


“Would what we’re doing now be called trudging?” asked my esteemed colleague from Perth

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