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The long, slow, deserved death of “traditional” graphic-design criticism. Its practitioners will be the last to know


Eye 83, filled to the brim with features on designers you’ve read about for decades and other designers so successful they don’t need clients anymore


Reading this issue of Eye, I conclude that Christian Schwartz could really use a fun night out at the Steamworks


Rick Poynor disingenuously states that graphic-design history picks winners and losers. He’s one of the pickers


Issue 80 of Eye is riven with structural defects and contradictions


Eye’s lead writer “interviews” its editor for the blog of a rival publication


Winter 2010 and Spring 2011. Did you know Ontario Hydro was “state-owned”?


Hymowitz’s Manning Up is a book about design wearing the drag of a book about men (really women)


The best design magazine ever continues its decline

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