‘Carthage must be destroyed’

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Julie Bindel and Rachel Swan should know better than to publish falsehoods about gay men’s incomes


GenderTrender, exhibiting too many copy errors but with equally too many juicy bons mots to go without recognition


soc.motss was not ever an “LGBTQ Internet space,” David Auerbach


I ask yet again: When sword-wielding Muslims attack, even without a Koran in the other hand, who gets murdered first – the Jews or the homosexual? (Cases in point: Jonathan Goldsbie and Andrea Houston)


I see an eternal truth wordlessly expressed in Toast and The Long Day Closes


Men on subways: Objects of attraction or space-hogging transmisogynists?


A man you’re only supposed to read if you’re some kind of Nazi, Jack Donovan, has suddenly blossomed into a good writer


It should not be surprising that a gay basketball player was a basketball player and is still interested in basketball. With John Amaechi, oddly, it was

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