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What surprises me is I am much more bothered and offended by the way the TTC treated and treats me than the guys on the system who call me a faggot


Scott Thompson’s only-somewhat-factually-inaccurate memories from Queer Nation


Nobody – at all – is opposed to researcher I. Alex Abramovich’s project addressing gay, lesbian, and transgender youth homelessness. Yet she has the balls to decry “infighting” caused by her own group – transgenders. (Now with UPDATE about her attempted lawfare against me)


The amusingly volatile Armond Whit reviews Foxcatcher with one angle for Out and rather a different one for National Review


Son frère: It’s icy, it’s distant, it has a great ending


Jason Snell grew and learned from his mistakes in covering gay CEO Tim Cook


Of course we were right to report that Tim Cook is gay. To complain about defence of the closet, though, elicited “Fuck off” from Glenn Fleishman


Duane Michals concludes his oddball war memoir The Lieutenant Who Loved His Platoon with this letter from one of his grunts

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