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J. Krasinski


Pride Toronto’s UntilWereSafe (sic) isn’t interested in documenting violence. This wholly-owned subsidiary of Black Lives Matter wants to portray Toronto as a cesspool of racism, of which transphobia and homophobia (in that order) are mere subsets. The facts tend to differ


“[I]f the ACT UP/AIDS activism of the 1980s/early ’90s hadn’t been so meticulously documented, we would now be hearing how it was trans people who were solely responsible for that as well”


Originated by Prince of Queens on YouTube, Gays Going Their Own Way or GGTOW is a small anti-feminist movement


A “Tom’s Man” is not a straight, a transgender, a female, or, in all likelihood, an epicene Gaysian. We know that because Touko Laaksonen drew them for us


Mauricio A. Rodriguez has a unique skill in assembling half-nude collages


Rubber and gunge: Externalization of the sexual self an infinitesimal distance from the epidermis


Prince of Queens and the Gaytriarchy “podcast,” which isn’t that

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