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Son frère: It’s icy, it’s distant, it has a great ending


Jason Snell grew and learned from his mistakes in covering gay CEO Tim Cook


Of course we were right to report that Tim Cook is gay. To complain about defence of the closet, though, elicited “Fuck off” from Glenn Fleishman


Duane Michals concludes his oddball war memoir The Lieutenant Who Loved His Platoon with this letter from one of his grunts


The late Eric Rofes: Hank Homo ‘knows what’s safe and what’s not safe and wears a red ribbon on his leather-jacket lapel. Hank throws himself into “the life” with gusto, good humour, and the best intentions. He discovers the dance clubs and the sex clubs, is jerked off in the showers at his gym (or the park at night, or the tearoom in the department store), and picks up men on subways, streetcorners, and at the corner market. He’s feeling good, he’s feeling hot – finally attractive and at home in his body. At 28 years old, he’s living the kind of life he’s always dreamed of: Out and proud as a gay man, immersed in a gay-positive environment, sharing in a communal culture of pleasure and freedom and affirmation’


John Rechy: “YMCA” begins with “youngman” from City of Night


Julie Bindel and Rachel Swan should know better than to publish falsehoods about gay men’s incomes


GenderTrender, exhibiting too many copy errors but with equally too many juicy bons mots to go without recognition

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