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Xtra threatens to launch a new daily-news site. What odds do you give they’ll do everything wrong?




Of course gay blogs don’t make money. Their owners don’t know their own industries, have bad taste, and suicidally insist on doing what is known not to work. Journos covering the topic are just as baffled


At John Semley’s level of mediocrity, he fits right in. And did you know Toronto has “indie rep cinemas”?


Why didn’t Imran Ahmed ask Scott Schuman anything remotely factual or pointed about the “business” of Schuman’s Weblog, the Sartorialist?


Your online commenting system, like every online commenting system, induces people to cause harm to others. There’s only one way to solve the problem, and you don’t have the balls to do it.

Also: When my dog died, I cried


Tyler Brûlé: “I don’t really care what other viewers think. I just want to hear what the correspondent on the ground has to say”


Fix your TITLE, please, Mike

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