My mate Choire “NOT DOCTOROW” Sicha writes:

Yesterday, Al Qaeda essentially put out a hit on U.S. and Western flights – but don’t let that keep you from European social-climbing. Charles, our Official Correspondent for Seriously Iffy Airlines, rounds up flights to Europe on airlines we might presume are unattractive to terrorists: […]

  • Air India flies between New York and Paris, London and Frankfurt. They can also take you from Chicago to London. (Great food, too.)

I know Americans are mostly unaware of the following because nobody who died was American, but Air-India suffered what was the largest-ever terrorist act before 9/11 – the bombing of flight 182 over the Atlantic in 1985, killing 329. Others were killed when a bomb exploded at Narita Airport.

You know when critics of Weblogs point out that you can post whatever you want without fact-checking? I guess it’s true after all.

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