Dog ends gunman’s plan for shooting rampage

The man started to ready his weapons in the early afternoon sunshine outside the grounds of the R.C. Harris filtration plant at Victoria Park Avenue and Queen Street [East]. He later told police that he planned to shoot people in the park and then drive around the city killing whomever he could to ensure he would get life in jail…. He changed his mind when a dog on a walk in the park would not leave him alone. “He happens to be a pet lover, and he decided that if there was such a nice dog in the area the people were too nice and he wasn’t going to carry out his plan,” Det. Ashley said. […]

In the trunk, a collection of CDs revealed a taste for the music of Mariah Carey, the Doors, Abba and Judas Priest.

Man abandons Toronto death spree at last minute

“As he was getting ready to start shooting, a pedestrian walked by with a couple of dogs. One of the dogs kept going up to the suspect, trying to play with him – it had a Frisbee. Now, this man is a dog lover and he had some moments with the dog, then he decided that if there were people in Toronto with nice dogs like this, then he didn’t want to kill them…. Someone should be buying that dog dinner.”

Shooting spree averted, police say

The New Brunswick man, in his 40s, surrendered to police yesterday afternoon in front of a supermarket at Leslie [St.] and Eastern [Ave.]

…which is, in fact, my Loblaws.

He had a loaded gun in his pocket and a car crammed with more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition

…and I saw that car.

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