Excitement on Queen St.! Yes, this is what happens when a streetcar dies in mid-traffic. First of all, up to a dozen others stack up behind them, and if you’re onboard you’re simply trapped, since one eetcarstray cannot leapfrog another.

And then, interminable minutes later, a giant truck with a battering ram on its front bumper arrives, as does a second eetcarstray right behind you. The streetcars are coupled via a metal pole, the rear car pushing the other all the way back to the yard. And in this case, they were a block and a half away from the yard – in the wrong direction.

Two photos show streetcars attached by a single metal rod

And the most horrible detail?

If you’re standing there waiting for the eetcarstray, you are able to tell with some certainty if a car had broken down in the direction opposite to the one you want to go in. After the first half-hour, it gets kind of obvious.

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