2 for "captions inc"
Barely mentioned, really. Looking for Issues in Captions, Inc. Style (PDF)?
1 for "ariano"
1 for "glark"
Are they still up and running? Still using their intrusive, outdated, reader-hostile, nonstandard, and indeed failed advertising models?
1 for "english irish ugly"
Well, I’d vouch for half of that combination, yes.
1 for "bobby primitve unreliable"
Essentially, it is.
7 for "greg graffin"
Haven’t talked to him since 2002.03.17, and probably will not do so again for quite some time.
1 for "doctorow"
Oh, we’ll get to him later.
1 for "brett"
1 for "kusch"
1 for "persion of the christ"
Farsi translation, shurely?!

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