Charles M. Schultz, in an interview with Rick Marschall, in The Complete Peanuts: 1950–1952 by Schultz, pp. 316, 318 (re-ordered):

[S]omewhere in there, they decided that they’d rather have a strip, and right then was when they made this fateful decision that it was going to be a space-saving strip, which I have resented all my life. Now it may have gotten me started, but I’m not sure, so I had to overcome the fact that I was drawing a space-saving strip under the title Peanuts, which was the worst title ever thought up for a comic strip. It’s totally ridiculous, has no meaning, is simply confusing, and has no dignity – and I think my humour has dignity. They didn’t know when I walked in there that here was a fanatic. Here was a kid totally dedicated to what he was going to do. And to label then something that was going to be life’s work with a name like Peanuts was really insulting. Those are two things that have hung over me and I’ve resented my whole career.
— Thirty-seven years hasn’t softened that?
— No, no. I hold a grudge, boy.

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