joe clark e i queen
joe clark tribute in italia e i queen
I am not!
wordpress system hog
I am not!
crazy joe clark
I am not!
joe clark black man
I am not!
joe clark is the biggest asshole
I am not! Besides, we’ve been through this already.
joe clark fawny gay
Well, admittedly, yes.
queer theory starsky
Yeah, he was the hotter one.
gay sorya
I didn’t know she was.
how to write a script for a pornographic movie
How the hell am I supposed to help you with that?
people who hate da vinci s inquest
…are lower than low. They’re lower than EI queens, hogs, and arseholes.
pronounce gelandewagen
Just as it looks: “Geh·lahnd·e·vah·gen.”
morrissey s disappointment with life
…is a pain we all share.
who is the girl in nada surf video popular
I thought it was Morrissey?
everything about frizzy rebellious coloured hair
Not on this head, honey.
carlaw and dundas street east toronto
I was out for a walk there about two weeks ago.
gerrard square
Got a whole photo sequence coming up on that, actually.
why did sigue sigue sputnik break up
A question that has plagued humankind for lo these many years.
greg fisher gay engineering
engineering university of toronto mr. blue and gold
Yes, Greg, I got your offputting, spam-like E-mail. I shall respond in due course.
darrin perry investigation
what does died unexpectedly mean?
Indeed, what does it mean? I get a lot of hits on my discussion of Darrin Perry’s death, which remains inadequately explained.

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