adam greenfield april 2005
Your guess is as good as mine.
adam sternbergh stealing ideas
He is?
benguiat gothic download illegal
You’re going to break the law for that?
crazy joe clark
I am not!
ct ligature garamond
Amazon won’t be able to read it and Everson will get on your case.
famous events in the united states that start with the letter q
Uh… “quonset”? That seems to be one of the words Americans like to drop (along with the phrase “we gather together…” complete with ellipsis; they never finish it).
flash accessibility sxsw
foundry district
Got its own category.
hamilton beach model 990 commercial blender replacement parts
Why the hell am I supposed to know about those? (Though Butler’s on Coxwell would probably have them.)
mark leduc boxer pics
Yeah, where would I find those?
optima is my favorite font
Let’s have lunch sometime!
picture of ontario license plate that reads im gay
I don’t drive.
plug adapter meth cooking
plug adapters used in meth
What, you’re travelling overseas and you want to power your gear while you’re there?
poems that teen girls in wheelchairs wrote about their lives?
How excruciating.
singer of popgroup sigur r[ó]s is looking for a straight guy to have sex with in iceland
Wouldn’t that pretty much be your only option in Iceland?
totally free urdu unicode fonts
Now, where am I supposed to get those? Just dealing with the baseline shifting is a nightmare.
which is better firefox or mozilla?
which is better? mozilla or firefox?

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