On 2005.06.06, we enjoyed yet another “consultation” session about the planned Foundry District development. I snapped a few photos of the presentation materials, which may someday be placed on the official Web site, whose updates are now two months out of date.

Street plan of Eastern Ave. to Lake Shore Blvd, with offset streets, a large park on Eastern Ave., and many schematic buildings of heights of 2 storeys (near Eastern) to 14 storeys (near Lake Shore)
One proposed street grid (full-sized version)
Illustration shows two lanes of traffic in either direction, a sidewalk, a light standard and pair of trees, and another sidewalk
Proposed street configuration (two-lane)
Computer illustration shows park centrally on Eastern Ave. and building clusters beside and behind it, including two tall buildings along Lake Shore
Possible building and park configuration (view from the north)
Computer illustration shows large blocks in place of buildings inside Foundry District
Possible “retail” treatment

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