– Mark E. Smith

I see that Opera fanboys continue their vituperation. What they claim to know about Opera (solely on Windows or Linux) is sacrosanct, but what I prove I know about browsers on Macs is simply a lie, probably deriving from drug use. Ask my friends about the last time I lied, and how often this straightedge vegan touches anything harder than a cup of espresso.

Like Objectivism, Opera is a concept one might be tempted to like if it weren’t for the fans. Opera is a club whose members scare me. They go out of their way to write cruel and vicious postings that cause me a great deal of distress. They’d make great political operatives in some national parties.

You are deliberately hurting me, people, and you’re doing all this over software that can be repaired, unlike my feelings.

It is not the fault of Opera Software ASA, but it is the company they keep. If your product is so great, why does it attract such hateful fanatics? Jon von Tetzchner, do you even like your user base? Because they’re not shy at all about trampling over the feelings of somebody they don’t like.

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