Further to my previous publications on megabins, I have added a City of Toronto Works Committee report entitled “Test Results of New Recycling/Litter Bins” (dated 2006.01.03).

The most curious nugget?

Of the 30 meeting attendees, 11 people identified themselves as members of the Toronto Public Space Committee…. As a result of the strong interest from this group, Public consultation staff contacted the Toronto Public Space Committee to see if they wanted a separate meeting for their own members. This option was declined by the Coordinator of the Committee.

Is this the Spacer version of “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”?


  1. (2006.01.17)    I added the report by Northstar Research analyzing the results of the online, telephone, and in-person surveys. Inconvenient file formats only, I’m afraid; you could wait till Google indexes them.
  2. (2006.01.27)    I received a memo entitled “Test Results of New Recycling/Litter Bins: Action taken by the Committee” and posted it.

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