I am not a famous online photographer. I merely post photographs online. Sam Javanrouh, however, is.

And this is what he looks like.

Man with thinning black hair faces away and holds a camera with a hirsute hand

Or what the back of him looks like.

If the more famous you get the more hirsute you get, there’s hope for me yet. I’m about halfway there.

I met Sam at one of the Spacer events, held, curiously, on the border of Riverside. I enjoyed many of the exhibited photos of the Toronto transit system, particularly Sam’s, Liz Clayton’s, and Chris “NOT THE DJ” Shepherd’s.

On the way in, some guy taking a drag from his fag looked right at us and said to his companion, “Is that him?” Why – why, yes. Yes, that was the Free City of Leslieville’s architecture critic. You couldn’t say hello?

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