We just finished the arduous trio of 1555 (and, boy, am I tired of writing that number) and 1575 Queen and 1080 Eastern over on Leslieville. The buildings are approximately kitty-corner to the Pleasantville development, or, as it is officially known, Woodbine Park (also the name of the actual park). Trust me, they’re gonna get covered.

What is depicted below is indeed a cherrypicker sitting by itself in one of the Pleasantville laneways.

Crane holds its bin aloft on the end of a long yellow arm while parked in a laneway behind houses painted white/teal and brown/teal

Note the absurd coloration of the houses, as if this were St. John’s or Linkjöping. Note also the fact that the cherrypicker is called a Manlift and is labeled in ITC Garamond Condensed and something Brodyesque that I don’t feel like looking up.

Yellow crane body is labeled GROVE manlift VENETOR AMZ86XT

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