– Mark E. Smith

Here’s what I’ve done in 3½ months as attestations of my interest in the city and neighbourhood I live in:

  1. Categorized every article in Spacing, a magazine I described as “miraculous”
  2. Started an entire new site as a response (one that’s technically superior to every other Toronto city site, including the city’s itself, although these are facts of limited public interest)
  3. With Ian’s help, reviewed one or two social-housing complexes each week, taking a single week off
  4. Reviewed the Spacer bible, Fruitopia
  5. Filed a set of requests for information on megabins. Exclusively and single-handedly published the results in multiple formats
  6. Continued to liveblog Foundry District proceedings
  7. Filed another information request (results to be published)
  8. Acted as a judge in a session to redesign the megabins and published notes and photos
  9. Liveblogged one of four public street-furniture consultations

I think this record compares rather favourably to the work of entire committees, foreign-owned city blogs, and “reading” sites.

In fact, I’m doing more than nearly any other individual in town, and all I get in return is usually anonymous, usually cunty comments on foreign-owned city blogs. Those commenters may hereby go fuck themselves. I’m trying to do something positive – and succeeding. You aren’t, and you’re also succeeding.

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