Three camo-clad South African helicopters “peacefully” dangle the national flag as they fly in formation (a still image from The Age of AIDS):

Neil Blomkamp’s disturbingly plausible video of an android cop in the townships (q.v.):

White android in grey bulletproof vest holds a machine gun upright, seemingly guarding two kids and a few head of livestock frolicking behind it

(For years Blomkamp has been trying vainly to get this video off the Web, a record-industry-style tactic of hiding your best assets.)

A frame from a trailer from that execrable series Charlie Jade (self-aggrandizing hack Denis McGrath, head writer):

Solider in beret beckons a man toward a troop carrier as an armed soldier looks on

Setting the future in South Africa, a land of contrasts that brought itself from apartheid to gated communities to carjackings to equal marriage in a single generation, is a stunningly powerful idea. So far, it’s been a bust, but someday, somebody will finally get it right. You could easily build an excellent series around Blomkamp’s robot.

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