Just how important is it to understand that the Toronto Public Space Committee and Spacing are two separate things?

No need to bother asking Matt Blackett. He’ll volunteer the information.


Spacing and the TPSC are not the same people…. Spacing is run by a completely different group. We do not go to TPSC meetings. On occasion, we chat about what each other is doing and share some research notes. The best way to describe it is like this: A couple that was once together but is no longer together, but they get along fine when they bump into each other at social gatherings. And there is no way we are going to ever sleep with each other again.


None of us Spacing folk have tried to bury any hatchet, cuz you are the one with the problems. This is why when you refer to us as Spacers and not distinguish between the two. […] That is why when you mix us together you are off the mark.


I’d just like to state, once again, that the TPSC has nothing to do with Spacing since May 2004. No money, no people, no cross-over. The TPSC barely existed after we created Spacing and almost completely folded into it. Once we started the mag, all TPSC people (4 of us at the time) dropped out and turned Spacing into a bizness. Mez had to spend the next year rebuilding the TPSC and finding new cohorts, which you can now see the results of.


In preparation for an upcoming series of posts, I call for unambiguous new declarations on the TPSC and Spacing Web sites about the city’s proposed street-furniture program. Answer the following questions:

  1. Do you support or oppose the street-furniture program? Why? (I’ll be very interested in hearing Spacers’ reasons to support it.)
  2. What actions have you taken to back up your support or opposition?

Just trying to eke a little accountability out of the entirely distinct lobby groups that City Hall considers Toronto’s official opposition. The attitude seems to be if the Spacers sign off on a project, then it means everyone is onside and it’s a go. It doesn’t and it isn’t.

I just want to know if TPSC, Spacing, Dave Meslin, and Matt Blackett support or oppose the street-furniture project, and what they’re gonna do about it.

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