Well, there’s Dave Meslin in the Globe today. (How curious that the always-labyrinthine Globe URL includes the sequence SPACERS09.)

Matt Blackett: “If you want to create a horizontal organization, you have to have someone with really good interpersonal and organizational skills…. At Spacing, we’re pretty horizontal, but I am on top. If no one’s there to take control of things, nothing gets done.” Somebody’s sounding like a middle manager from Viacom or Pattison.

Speaking of whom, Todd Irvine worries that “Viacom… or Jim Pattison… could put a couple of [their] lawyers on [the TPSC] for a week and just destroy the committee.” Um, on what grounds – defamation? That’s rather unlikely. If necessary, Spacers may use my lawyer, though he’s expensive.

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