Can anyone point to any position deeply held by Cory Doctorow that has significantly changed in the last five years? He does not have to have recanted his position, but it must have altered significantly, preferably in the face of public correction.

Let’s start with an easy one: Can anyone, including EuroCory himself (latterly “CoryAngeles”), point to evidence that Cory still believes plain text is the format that can be converted to a greater number of other formats than any other source?

In other words, in the way that any reasonably competent American college student can write his (sic) own Kurt Vonnegut novel, to the point where Kurt Vonnegut receives Kurt Vonnegut novels in the mail every week, couldn’t anyone who has read a few Doctorow position papers write another one whose creation we could not date and which we could not differentiate from the “real” thing?

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