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Megnut yesterday:

I don’t frequent Starbucks very often, but when I do I order a latte with organic milk. The last time I did so, I noticed the barista pouring milk from a small square container, like the kind soy milk comes in. So yesterday I ordered a latte and paid attention and noticed that yes, the barista was pouring milk from a Parmalat organic milk carton. Parmalat is what’s known as “shelf-stable” milk, meaning it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

This mysterious, novel “small square container” is a Tetra Brik, and Canada alone goes through 1.4 billion of them a year (about 110 billion worldwide annually). Many ingredients at Starbucks, including drink bases, are shipped in “small square containers.” Parmalat is a company, not a variety of milk. This is what I told her by E-mail, at least. And her response today was a disingenuous “I’m not sure I said anywhere that it wasn’t” a company and not a brand. Can’t reread your own post? And what about the mysterious small square container?

Web pages are mutable things. You just go in and fix your error, ideally using markup or some kind of notation.

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