– Mark E. Smith

  • Toronto Public Space Committee: Almost completely usurped by Spacing, TPSC is a shadow of its former self and really does seem to be run by Marxists, who cannot get simple things done until there’s “consensus.” You don’t need consensus to run an organization. And any individual TPSC member doesn’t need permission to set up a blog. TPSC’s still-atrocious Web site and little E-mails here and there do not cut it, and haven’t for years. TPSC.CA is an obvious place to start a blog, but no need to wait; just get something going at WordPress.com.
  • Society for Environmental Graphic Design: A dreadful site (frames, tables for layout, the whole schmear), but that isn’t the big problem. The events page, misnamed Workshops and Seminars and located at a hopeless frameset URL, overwrites itself whenever an event happens, meaning there is no published or recorded archive of past events. But don’t ever use the word “recorded” with SEGD, because then they’ll proudly tell you that some of their events were “recorded,” in audio, on CDs, which you can buy at high cost. These are graphic designers working in signage and they want to sell you an audio recording with no visuals. Because there is no record of past events, there is no way to track down the presenters to ask for a copy of their papers, slides, or notes, a practice in the field of research. (SEGD claims a site redesign is upcoming, but refused to answer the question “With valid, semantic HTML?”)

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