(UPDATED)    Not for the first time, Matt “Newsboy Cap” Blackett has deleted a comment I left a comment of mine has mysteriously failed to materialize on Spacing Wire . The contest described in that post, cosponsored (“co-hosted”) by Spacing, asks designers to submit “a logo design” for some kind of event that is no doubt commendable and awesome. First prize is a measly thousand bucks, and for that money, the competition rules list at least four places where the logo will be published, with no upper limit on other publications. You are magnanimously offered a nonexclusive licence for your own work.

I explained that this is a bad deal for a designer. If the event organizers were serious, they’d hire a real designer and pay real fees. Don’t submit art to a pig in a poke.

I stated that this is yet another copyright embarrassment for Blackett and Spacing. Maybe the Marxists at the Toronto Public Space Committee would be more reliable on that issue. At this point, anybody would.

Also, advice to Blackett: E-mails with subject lines like “Puh-leaze!” are left unread.

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