The new Spadina Line subway stations, several of which are pointless, will all contain public art. Who’s gonna do it?

Here’s the shortlist:

  • James Carpenter
  • Flavio Trevisan
  • Realities United (sic)
  • Aniko Meszaros
  • Adrian Gollner
  • Josh Garber
  • Bruce McLean
  • Adrian Blackwell
  • David Pearl
  • Paul Raff
  • Jason Bruges
  • Ned Kahn
  • Panya Clark Espinal (who already did Bayview and needs to share the wealth)

There are only six stations to be constructed, so at least seven of these artists are set to go away empty-handed. The TTC can simply assign you a station, and, from my reading, the sole criterion of import by which you were judged for this shortlist is the ability to compromise with ignorant, recalcitrant engineers and bureaucrats.

Who isn’t on the shortlist? Us. Me and what army? Maybe you’ll find out when we bid on Spacing’s ill-concealed project to decorate the walkway between the Bloor and Spadina Line platforms at Spadina station.

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