Baron Bodissey (no relation):

[A]ll of the anti-Islamization parties and organizations in Europe are characterized as “extreme right-wing” groups. This is true no matter how socialist they are in their economic policies, nor how progressive they are on social issues, such as gay marriage, global warming, etc. None of that matters – opposition to Islamization is the sole criterion that earns them the descriptor “extreme right-wing.”

Toronto is a city where Muslim defenders and critics of gay marriage unite in one place, the LGBT community. Because Muslims are the picked-upon minority and marriage “apes” heterosexual dowry traditions.

Any legitimate gay or lesbian person who is not alarmed by and opposed to the spread of Islam is in denial about a direct and ongoing threat to their rights and safety. Remember: Radical Muslims want us pushed off the highest building in town.

Here’s something you can try this weekend: Count the headscarves and facial coverings in the crowds watching the Pride parade. And it’s somehow up to us to appease them?

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