• Spacer philosopher-king Shawn Micallef in 2010, authorizing a member of his class to tear down an irreplaceable, indeed signature, cottage in the Beach to make way for a Modernist monstrosity: “Ultimately [Geoff Teehan] should be able to tear down this house, because the broken system created a mess with no good solution”

  • Micallef in 2012, reporting, if not shedding, crocodile tears over the destruction of a heritage building not involving rich arrivistes: “Tonight at Church and Wellesley they tore down a historic house that was not yet designated. People stood and watched. Some cried”

Ascot-bedecked Holts aficionado Shawn Micallef has bamboozled hip downtown twits that he is one of them. He’s actually an aspiring member of the monied class and will do exactly what the city does – rubber-stamp their blockbusting. Yet those same twits invite him to so many parties of a Saturday night he “has to” give up on the TTC and take a cab. What happened to old-fashioned community shunning?

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