A man you’re only supposed to read if you’re some kind of Nazi, Jack Donovan (“né” Malebranche), has in the blink of an eye become a New York–quality-magazine-quality journalist who will never in a million years get a commission from one of those magazines.

  • Beauties in Beast Mode”:

    If men really want a co-ed warrior caste of eugenically bred, chemically enhanced, man-jawed superpersons to transcend the human condition and prepare our race for interstellar war with the Klingons, then they need to be more honest about that, and work out some of the contradictions and inconsistencies in their worldviews.

  • A Time for Wolves” (where many of the Grimnir participants’ names, and the word Grimnir itself, are sorely lacking diacritics)

Beauty shot

(2014.08.24) From his Facebook:

Sepiatone photograph of well-muscled man in tank top (with tattoos all the way down right arm onto right hand)

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