– Mark E. Smith

Islam is as dangerous as you think it is. Especially to us, for many definitions of that word. When journalists are “us,” we confront the trend of Muslim radicals, sometimes Western and British-accented, barbarically sawing our heads off. It happened to Daniel Pearl and it has now happened again to James Foley.

What do Toronto’s downtown-progressive journalists think of these outrages? Let’s look at our Brangelina manquée of ultra-leftist journalism: “Mostly straight” Jonathan Goldsbie, a staff writer at Now, and his Honoured Dyke heterosexualist girlfriend, Andrea Houston, now a freelance journalist of some description.

Houston will not shut up about trannies, QuAIA, how fascist the democratic state of Israel is, Gaza, Palestinians, and prostitutes. (Wrong on all counts.) She agitates tirelessly for the repeal of anti-gay legislation in Third World (“developing”/“Global South”) countries – and more power to her. Perhaps there were other factors involved, but Xtra fired Andrea Houston not long after I complained that she published someone else’s defamatory comments about me.

Houston at least acknowledges that James Foley was murdered, if only by retwitting others’ work (first ¶ second ¶ third). It’s something. Not remotely enough and not in the same league as her sympathetic coverage of Palestinian Muslims, but I credit her for it without reservation.

What about her cherubic bf unit? Nothing. I even asked him about it:

Of course you write mostly about Toronto, though I see that hasn’t stopped you from using Twitter to discuss Missouri. What I don’t understand is why you are not up in arms, as a Jewish journalist, that Muslims beheaded another of our own kind. (This of course follows the beheading of Daniel Pearl, who was, additionally, Jewish, hence one of your kind in another way.)

Racist cops and Israel are deplorable, but Muslims ruling by the sword are not? I fail to understand your lack of a position here. Who would be next to suffer that fate? A Jewish captive, a mostly-straight one, a former Honoured Dyke, or a gay male?

No response.

The Brangelina comparison was not gratuitous. A Mighty Heart, the feature film about the life and death of Daniel Pearl, in fact starred Angelina Jolie, with Dan Futterman as Pearl. (The movie is even available for Goldsbie’s Android “phone.”) This brave journalist was hacked to death because he was a Western Jewish infidel. Were Goldsbie captured, he’d be viewed the same way, Goldsbie’s pro-Palestinian sentiment be damned.

I ask yet again: When sword-wielding Muslims attack, even without a Koran in the other hand, who gets murdered first – the Jew or the homosexual? You can see why I take this personally. I fail to see why Goldsbie does not.

It is shocking that liberal journalists, who, as ever, cannot tell you how they feel even if you pay them to, pretend there is no right and wrong when Muslims assassinate journalists. Journalists cannot pretend to be objective, to hold no opinion, when Muslims behead one of our number, Jewish non-straight journos with formerly lesbian girlfriends least of all.

Take a side now. (There’s only one.)


These Mohammedan savages have done it again – to Steven Sotloff. I expect no acknowledgement whatsoever from Goldsbie or Houston and sub rosa defence of same from Jesse Brown.

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