– Mark E. Smith

Downtown progressive journos, the ones who, being more than liberal, could never be honest about their real feelings about Rob Ford, also could never be honest with themselves about how to eliminate him. As the years dragged on and he got away with everything but murder, downtown progressives who think it’s a capital offence to misgender a tranny were suddenly faced with their own forbidden thoughts. Namely, that there were and would only ever be two ways to get rid of him:

  • Incarceration, ideally on an accessory-to-murder charge

  • Death, possibly by assassination

Both were reasonable to expect, but only the former was reasonable to hope for. It’s wrong to wish ill, but not wrong to wish comeuppance. And the downside of putting this fat fuck in jail is he’d be a hero inside the clink, would become a martyr once released, and would run for office and win again. Then we’d be back where we started.

In fact, one could write what amounts to a flowchart:

Outcome Expected? Hoped for? Occurred?
Judicial removal from office No Yes Yes (reversed)
Incarceration Yes Yes Not yet
Death Yes No Not yet

Rob Ford is not going to survive his cancer. He also won’t be convicted even if somehow criminally charged. This, then, was the only outcome that gets him out of the mayor’s chair. You were only thinking all that.

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