I guess that word would be “hypocrisy.”

The No Safe Word show used to be my favourite podcast, even after they lampooned my fact-checking their asses about Jian Ghomeshi. (That actually happened. I remember listening to it on a grey day while walking up to St. Clair.) This weekly show bundles eldergays, gay “kink,” plagiarism, and LGBT groupthink into one amusing package. On each episode, hosts Daddy Tony Gerald and Pup Sparky, one of them a ginger, trade bons mots for a while; plug the only sponsor they’ll ever have, Mr. S Leather; rip-and-read gay news articles without attribution, at breakneck speed, with rampant fumbles and speech errors; then interview a special guest with poor audio quality and noticeable Internet latency, the technique of the double-ender unknown to these radio greenhorns. What’s not to like, though, really?

The show became a Saturday-morning staple for me. I skipped the plagiarism and chuckled quietly to myself as I sashayed down the boulevard enjoying the feature interview. I listened to many archived episodes, often while carrying out the gay kink of ironing my shirts.

After a while, I got tired of the LGBT party line these self-sabotaging eldergays were offering. So, with full knowledge of the risks involved, I fucked these queens without a condom and posted a query on their Facebook:

If I understand the lessons of the last year’s episodes: FTMs are “our brothers” despite being female; deranged tranny activists are right and justified to protest a movie they haven’t seen (that would be Stonewall) on the basis of the lie that “transwomen of colour” are the ones who “led” the Stonewall “Riot,” as by “throwing the first brick”; it’s just a tremendous advance for us all that a pup titleholder is a girl; and, according to your guest Mr. Friendly, HIV-negative men do not really exist. Yet at the same time, the weirdest thing you ever heard on your show, which is all about “kink,” was a guy doing a woman.

Since you two hosts are gay men, as are essentially all of your listeners, what really are you offering at any philosophical or practical level for actual gay men? (Hint: “Gay men” do not have vaginas and mastectomy scars.)

Aaand what do you think happened? These guys pulled a Jesse Brown and devoted an entire segment to making fun of me. Of course I only listened to the last five seconds of it, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the No Safe Word show, it’s to avoid self-harm.

But yes, Tony and Sparky really do think “transmen” are male and are “our brothers.” They supported deranged tranny activists’ Last Temptation of Christ–style protesting of a movie they have not seen – on the basis of historical lies, as one expects from transgenders, who cannot even tell you the truth about their genitalia for starters. The only gay fetish with a sense of humour, “pup play,” should naturally welcome a girl into its midst, which I guess is like nominating a 350-pound male as “Ms” Leather Toronto.

Mr. Friendly bills itself as a “grassroots” education campaign that aims to stamp out “HIV stigma,” i.e., any attempt by HIV-negative gay men to assert their absolute legal and bodily right not to get fucked bareback by positoids. On Episode 104, the No Safe Word eldergays hosted Mr. Friendly originator Dave Watt, who has learned nothing of the lessons of Walt Odets and believes HIV-negative men do not exist.

  • “I mean there’s the undetectable poz and the PrEP neg are the only two true status that are nontransmittable that you can be confident,” i.e., negative HIV test results are lies (1:01:10).

  • 52:56:

    WATT: If you test negative… you can actually have a viral load that is going to spike the highest of your life, with like over a million copies of the virus per millilitre…. It’s very possible you could have a huge viral load and yet you’re confident that you’re negative, you know, because you just tested negative, and you put on your profile “I’m negative. I tested today negative,” you know.

    UNDIFFERENTIABLE L.G.B.T. HOST: It is kind of amazing the number of people who think an HIV test is a shield….

    — Testing for HIV is not prevention.

    Making positive men feel good about being positive isn’t “prevention” either. The sole goal of HIV prevention is to keep negative people negative.

In other words, “testing for HIV” is believable only if you come back positive, and at that point no HIV-negative man can say or do anything that you classify as “stigma.” That veto power is familiar from the transgender talking point of “the cotton ceiling,” the compulsory heterosexuality dressed up in drag that calls lesbians misogynist for naturally refusing to have sex with males.

According to Watt and the No Safe Word podcast, HIV-negative gay men are simply never ever supposed to have a desire not to engage in sex with positoids, express that desire in public, or act on it. Because that amounts to “stigma,” and, while negative men have no right to do whatever it takes to stay negative, positive men can insist on any infringement of negatoids’ rights under the guise of avoiding “stigma.” (I asked a question via Mr. Friendly’s contact form months ago about its position on negative HIV tests – and got no response.) Again, this seems a lot like transgenders rewriting gay as trans and calling us their oppressor.

Let me sum up again what No Safe Word stands for:

  • gay-male kink, where “gay male” includes ”transmen” and women in gay-male sexual environments

  • plagiarism of online news sources

  • protesting artistic works one has not yet seen on the basis of known falsehoods

  • public ridicule of informed critics who are also big fans of the show

This is the sort of hypocrisy that leads to doxxing, not that I could be bothered. By the hosts’ own admission, they hold down social-service jobs in Cascadia; their employers might be sex-positive enough to turn a blind eye toward running a gay-kink podcast, but would they react so calmly to use of that bully pulpit for actual bullying? Let’s put their bosses on the show and ask. (Or put me on and see if these guys can keep up.)

As I keep telling you, queer wants gay dead and is getting its wish. Through their LGBT podcast pretending to be about, by, and for gay men, Daddy Tony Gerald and Pup Sparky are hastening our demise – and theirs.

See you at Pup Night at the Eagle, where, incidentally, I gots my own pack.

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