• Monteiro on “guns”:

    On June 13, 2016, an asshole walked into a gay Orlando nightclub and killed 49 people with an AR‑15.

    Actually, a Muslim mass-murdered my people and our friends. Not “an asshole” and not generic “people.”

    It was the latest in a long string of gun violence in the U.S. And it didn’t even piss me off. At least I couldn’t tell if that massacre was pissing me off or whether I was still pissed off from the one before. They run together like water now.

    (Listen to you, big guy.)

  • Now Monteiro lectures us about the racism he picked up after his parents escaped a failed state. (“I can attest that immigrant communities can be racist as fuck.”)

This is the same Mike Monteiro who sicced his tens of thousands of Twitter acolytes on a hapless civilian and on me.

Mike Monteiro has already beaten up innocents – just not with a firearm and only the ones that he deemed worthy of destruction. He’d be first in line to defend Muslims, whom he can’t even name after one of their kind mass-murdered us.

Here we have the classic profile of the male feminist or, more precisely, the leftist bully, a near-psychopathic genre of males who instigate aggression and border on unreformable. You’re still a bully even if you crusade against guns and the racism of your own people and deny the harm Muslims have caused to a group whose help nobody ever asked you for in the first place.

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