– Mark E. Smith

  • Monteiro on “guns”:

    On June 13, 2016, an asshole walked into a gay Orlando nightclub and killed 49 people with an AR‑15.

    Actually, a Muslim mass-murdered my people and our friends. Not “an asshole” and not generic “people.”

    It was the latest in a long string of gun violence in the U.S. And it didn’t even piss me off. At least I couldn’t tell if that massacre was pissing me off or whether I was still pissed off from the one before. They run together like water now.

    (Listen to you, big guy.)

  • Now Monteiro lectures us about the racism he picked up after his parents escaped a failed state. (“I can attest that immigrant communities can be racist as fuck.”)

This is the same Mike Monteiro who sicced his tens of thousands of Twitter acolytes on a hapless civilian and on me.

Mike Monteiro has already beaten up innocents – just not with a firearm and only the ones that he deemed worthy of destruction. He’d be first in line to defend Muslims, whom he can’t even name after one of their kind mass-murdered us.

Here we have the classic profile of the male feminist or, more precisely, the leftist bully, a near-psychopathic genre of males who relentlessly instigate aggression. You’re still a bully even if you crusade against guns and the racism of your own people and deny the harm Muslims have caused to a group whose help nobody ever asked you for in the first place.

The leftist bully is unreformable

Lacking God in their lives, leftists enact the substitute religion of progressivism, which requires apostates, a Satan, and a hell. Mike Monteiro, being as he is firmly held in the grip of progressivism, is constitutionally unable to recant his religion. He too requires apostates and a Satan. He does not understand he lives in Hell.

He, and everyone like him, is unreformable, and is moreover an active danger to everyone else.

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