Esteemed colleague Marc Weisblott is a living test case for podcast players, and is a capital fellow overall.

I marvel at Weisblott’s seeming absence of disillusionment with the lot of the hack. I wrote freelance for ten years or more and gave up on it for a host of reasons, one of them a copyright lawsuit that also spanned ten years or more. Weisblott wrote for the lamestream media, then on blogs, then on lamestream-media blogs. He’s an early adopter of the demimonde that non-progressives delude themselves will save their hides, newsletters. Weisblott’s daily 12:36 newsletter does a great job remaining even-handed while still carrying authorial voice, through which an “agenda” can be discerned by attuned readers.

Weisblott’s maximalist media diet includes subscribing (at one point) to a magical 1,236 podcasts. An OPML file with more than 700 entries was enough to choke Overcast. Now his subscriptions number beyond 2,040.

Of course Weisblott cannot “listen to” two thousand podcasts. Of (further) course, there indeed are nerds who, back dans la journée, downloaded every music file they could. (Alan Zweig shot a couple of documentaries about those nerds. He’s one of them.) There are “collectors” of all sorts of digital files.

That isn’t what Weisblott is doing.

Nobody bats an eye at a study lined with thousands of books, few of whom one had actually read. (I have my doubts Fran Lebowitz read all 12,000 of the books she has had special moving companies schlep for her.) It’s called a personal library. It lets you do things other people cannot, like refer to podcast episodes that have been deleted elsewhere. You surely know Joe Rogan as an example of that, but I’ll have a doozy of a counterexample for you shortly.

If you’re developing any kind of podcasting app, you absolutely must enlist Weisblott to stress-test it. If it works for him it will work for any power user. At the very least, ask him for his OPML file.

Weisblott is invariably just ahead of the curve enough to stay alive, relevant, and productive. He’s been unfailingly kind to, generous with, and understanding of me through a huge chunk of our respective adulthoods. I will always be his friend. You should be his.

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