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CBC “chieftess” weds Muslim boytoy Zaib Shaikh, but covers her arms at the wedding. Her new husband’s show is still airing on the network whose programming she runs


Did you know white gays are “homonationalist”? No? Well, a few vizmin Muslim queers would be happy to raise your consciousness


A gay Muslim Uyghur who lived in Japan claims Toronto is really no better than that place when it comes to homophobia and racism. I call bullshit


Mark Steyn: “ ‘Amina Arraf’ is grounded in nothing more than a fetish fantasy as preposterous as those lipstick lesbians in porn movies who can’t wait for some hot straight guy to jump in and make it a threesome”


“[O]pposition to Islamization is the sole criterion that earns them the descriptor ‘extreme right-wing’ ”


Clay Shirky seems oblivious to the fact that, in the fervent desires of Muslim extremists, liberal intellectuals’ heads will be cleaved from their bodies at the righteous blade of a sword


Ayaan Hirsi Ali told me gays should never support Islam, unless they want to be tossed off the edge of the tallest building. But they should support gay and lesbian Muslims

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