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I got off my bike and stood in the middle of the sidestreet to line up this shot. “Hey, camera man! Hey, camera man!” I hear (and it’s obviously two words). “What?!” I mutter angrily, taking my shot. “Out of the way,” says the black streetcar driver turning onto the sidestreet. You can fucking well wait.

Construction hoardings reading ASHBRIDGE COMMONS and URBAN CLASSIC, with some panels unassembled and leaning against the others

This superklassy development takes the place of a lonely Stephenson’s Rental building (more on them anon) on a lot with an enormous dropoff in elevation at the rear. You could build a fallout shelter here and a full suite of tæunhæumes. The resulting Ashbridge Commons™ (“in the West Beach”) will be dripping with the kind of refinement and distinction you’d be anticipate next door to a streetcar depot and a block away from a postal sorting plant.

And the red Palatino on green… nice touch. The rest of the type is even worse, with sort of a 1984 LaserWriter Helvetica in use.


In which Toronto Star columnist Joe Fiorito refers to me solely as his ‘source’


Not my cup of tea


They’re sandblasting the bridge over the DVP at Queen St. and I am gobsmacked at the science-fiction appearance.

Bridge has metal beams holding up a clock and words reading RIVER I STEP IN IS NOT THE RIVER I STAN, while mottled, boxy coverings line up like a wall on the far side

Behold the small megabin (not quite an oxymoron; perverse official name: EcoMupi) in front of the 7-Eleven. Is it really worse than the store’s own sign?

Four-foot-high billboard with garbage receptacle on the edge sits at curb, while movable 7-Eleven sign, held down by bricks, reads SPECIAL BIG BITE HOT DOG 2 FOR $2.99

Anyway, this thing was supposed to have been removed by August 5.

A loading-dock door, with thinning orange paint, sits nestled in a concrete-and-brick wall behind leafy plants and flowers

Free City of Leslieville update: We got inside a building!


A topsy-turvy kind of place where you can stand on the sidewalk and gaze down on the roof of this giant building.

Groups of train tracks spread out in three directions alongside a long red-brick building with opened windows

Splorpist photo: Does this look like “sari silk” to you?

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