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Gerald Pratley “was hurt when TIFF refused to make him a gold patron and asked him to apply for press credentials”


Straining to fit in with you people is getting in my way


Which complaints about Toronto’s “ashphalt” came from an elite architecture critic and which from an engineer in voluntary exile?


List of occupations mentioned in March 2011 Toronto Life


“You were not appointed to close libraries. Only philistines close libraries. Leave that job to the mayor”


Stephen Marche wasn’t honest when he wrote about how fat Rob Ford is. An honest columnist would document his disgust that people like him live in the same city


The Spacers run an entire post about TTC signage. Whom don’t they mention?


Disagreeable Geoff Teehan plays on your sympathies in his quest to tear down a lovely house, ostensibly for his disabled wife. Don’t be fooled: This is mostly about making Teehan look smart

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First of all, as of March 2019 this personal Weblog is on hiatus for some months.

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