I do not want any “fans” of this personal Weblog, or of my Web site in general, or of me. With one exception, everyone I have ever met as a result of this personal Weblog has: betrayed me; called me names; accused me of violating their trust; acted snidely with me; or, in one case the cops refused to touch even after I lodged a complaint with the provincial oversight body, walked into my house repeatedly, stalked me, pretended we’re friends, and gotten within six inches of me preparing to assault me.

My contact pages, whose addresses are no longer published but which you should be able to guess, state categorically that I do not wish to be contacted. You can read what I publish here, but I don’t want to hear from you. With (again) one exception, everyone who has ever contacted me or pretended to be my friend has caused me pain. Keep to yourself.

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