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Mormon blogger/podcaster Brett McKay censors almost all comments that question hunting, guns, and carnivory. Way to go, men!


I did paid work for the TTC on signage


I did the obvious thing. I downloaded one or more instruction manuals from essentially every dishwasher manufacturer in existence, extracted just the pages or parts thereof that illustrate how to load the dishwasher, and assembled them on Flickr


Just what it says: Podcast roundup (August 2015: No Safe Word deleted)


Nobody – at all – is opposed to researcher I. Alex Abramovich’s project addressing gay, lesbian, and transgender youth homelessness. Yet she has the balls to decry “infighting” caused by her own group – transgenders. (Now with UPDATE about her attempted lawfare against me)


Transgenders, least of all Ray “Sylvia” Rivera, did not lead Stonewall


Twitter isn’t journalism. Take heed, near-defamer Karen 8 K. Ho. (January 2015: Now with belated response from her)


A man you’re only supposed to read if you’re some kind of Nazi, Jack Donovan, has suddenly blossomed into a good writer

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