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Still got Oz photos to run.

Toe of black Doc Marten boot encroaches on iron grating with diagonal grille

(Yes, that’s the only non-leather Doc Marten in Sydney.)

Gratting with regular pattern of raised squares and central rectangular hole features the letters MWS&DB
Raised yellow rubber dots are embedded in asphalt, extending into nearby concrete

Memo to W3C: Send Dean Jackson to South by Southwest


Ancient stucco-and-iron mailboxes, Bondi.

Six narrow mailboxes, with white stucco fronts, are labeled 3 through 8 in steel numerals

Any other cities apart from Sydney that embed vitreous green costume jewelry in their sidewalks? (The rim reads “Princess Margaret’s Visit to Bondi Beach, 1975.”)

Metal rim embedded in sidewalk encloses four quadrants of concrete, a smaller rim, and a cloudy, emerald-green glass disc
Thick rectangle of pipes stretches from one building across a driveway to another building, where it turns left and follows the length of that building
A Univers Bold ‘G,’ die-cut in an aluminum blade running top to bottom against a wooden wall, seen from behind

Oz notes (unsurprisingly)

Close-ups of rear ends of off-green Lexus and yellow-green Ford, both with yellow-green license plates

Talk about orange. You shouldn’t put blue on orange or vice-versa because the wavelengths resolve at different points on the retina, making the colours look like they’re different distances away. Plus the colours can throb. Not a question of colour deficiency, merely of human vision in general. It’s even worse against a bright blue sky, so lucky you that we have just that kind of background here!

Blue-on-orange sign reads ‘Emergency Help Point’

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