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Tom Scocca got it half right in lambasting Microsoft Word. Now we need to get him set up on BBEdit


Months in the making, today I’m releasing Borked Unicode, a pop-up blog that aims to teach hacks (i.e., journalists) the minimum they need to know about Unicode. The goal is to make it possible for hacks to write clean copy.


Rate Unicode characters in a Hot or Not?–style interface.


Because »they’ll use the wrong quotation marks«


OS X 10.7 will work in Arabic. This may not go well


Michael Kaplan of (significantly) Microsoft takes time out of his busy day to bash Apple in an otherwise-unrelated post


Come out to my Ignite Toronto presentation, 2011.02.10 at the Drake. (Keyword: Mongolian cheesemonger). (Updated)


David Pogue’s mishmash of ASCII and em dashes


Somebody tell Russell Smith how to Save As… in MS Word

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None. I quit.

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