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Untimely deaths


It is preposterous to suggest that R.M. Vaughan’s death was anything other than a suicide. (Now with many updates, including letter to UNB president)


Rich Roat of House Industries died “unexpectedly” on November 29, but did not kill himself, I eventually learned


I’m keeping track of older gay men who kill themselves because nobody else is.


Tim McCaskell wants you to think good things about AIDS Action Now. But that group abandoned one of its own, Ron Kelly


Two vizmin accused gaybashers’ lawyers were no match for one of the victims in the court case, David Holtzman


The late Chris Nutile might have been that rare thing, a masculine gay role model for his nephew


Did designer Leo Obstbaum “die suddenly,” i.e., kill himself? (Answer: No. And he wasn’t gay)


Brad Graham was found dead at his house yesterday. He was a mere 41


Sometimes they die unexpectedly at age 38

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