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So far, our friend Jack the Perfume Nationalist has excommunicated four of his guests, cohosts, or other collaborators. He’ll do the same to all of them


Just how many contemporary novels even deign to admit that email, TV, and bathrooms exist?


Postings about the Perfume Nationalist


The Perfume Nationalist: “Shut up and take my money”


Butt Boy is Nº 1


All the fragrances discussed on the Perfume Nationalist (updated through Season 3 [December 2021])


Europa Invicta are the only non-progressives or anti-progressives with a consistent graphic identity


The founder and host of the YouTube livestreams known as the Gaytriarchy, Sam, died; I have archived most of his audio [updated]


Climax, Joan of Arc, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Border, Amazing Grace, Hail Satan?, Pain and Glory, The Golden Glove, The Souvenir, Joker

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This personal Weblog is unlikely to be updated again until my next book comes out. (See Best postings)

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