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The late Eric Rofes: Hank Homo ‘knows what’s safe and what’s not safe and wears a red ribbon on his leather-jacket lapel. Hank throws himself into “the life” with gusto, good humour, and the best intentions. He discovers the dance clubs and the sex clubs, is jerked off in the showers at his gym (or the park at night, or the tearoom in the department store), and picks up men on subways, streetcorners, and at the corner market. He’s feeling good, he’s feeling hot – finally attractive and at home in his body. At 28 years old, he’s living the kind of life he’s always dreamed of: Out and proud as a gay man, immersed in a gay-positive environment, sharing in a communal culture of pleasure and freedom and affirmation’


Richard Berkowitz and Michael Callen’s 1983 pamphlet How to Have Sex in an Epidemic in various form(at)s


Fortunately for us, for you, for the gay and lesbian community, and for posterity, ACT UP is becoming well documented


I restored ACT UP’s National AIDS Treatment Research Agenda to a better PDF and valid HTML


No one but Schulman is responsible for her reputation as a lying sack of shit when it comes to gay men


United in Anger can finally be viewed online. But its progenitor, the ACT UP Oral History Project, needs a stem-to-stern rewrite, and for that I’m asking for help


I was wrong about Weekend; everybody else is wrong about Keep the Lights On


Some dumb twat retypeset “ACT UP” with Arial. And nominating Julianne Escobedo Shepherd as buzzword-wielding vizmin of the year


Seemingly every ACT UP artwork created by Gran Fury on the Flickrs

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